Very Obsessive Behavior

[Because My Dreams Are All Blind...]

  • 21st June
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If you wanna know me even better, you should read this…

… because lifegoes-nik-on (check out her awesome blog and her flickr!) tagged me back. (I’ll just answer the question this time, I can’t think of 11 new ones and don’t want to annoy with another round of tagging ;))

1. What are your fears?
Right now, I’m scared that I’ll somehow manage to screw up my finals :S Apart from that, one of my biggest fears is waking up someday and realizing that I wasted my life with the wrong job/the wrong person or something like that…

2. Do you prefer CDs/ Vinyl or mp3-downloads?
I prefer CDs, because I want something I can touch. I love the booklets that come with the CDs. I only buy mp3-downloads if they’re much cheaper than the CD, if I’m checking out a new band, if the CD hasn’t been released in here or if I only want to listen to one special song and don’t care for the rest.

3. What’s your favorite movie at the moment?
The Hunger Games.

4. Name one person that inspired your life.
Stephen King.

5. If you had the time to travel anywhere you want for just one day, where would it be?
I’d go to New York.

6. Is there any celebrity you’d like to meet in person one day?
Hmm, Ian Somerhalder and Samu haber (all of the SunriseAve guys would be even better!)

7. What was your favorite song of 2011?
Why do you ask such tough questions?

8. What was your favorite concert of all times?
Uhm, that’s a tough one, too. I’ll go with Sunrise Avenue; Mannheim - 10/29/2011. I mean, two of my favorite bands, one concert? Yes, please!

9. Where do you listen to your music? (iPod, Laptop, on CD, in the car…)
In the car, on CD, laptop, computer, on my phone.

10. What’s your favorite tumblr-blog?
Another tough one… I don’t think I can pick only one, so lifegoes-nik-on (and I’m not saying this because you tagged me), myunperfectlifeinperfectpictures, samuhaber, yougottalistento-yourheart and dailybunny, only to name a few.

11. What is your favorite piece of clothing?
I don’t really have one. It depends on my mood and how I feel…